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Why You Shouldn’t Try Data Recovery Yourself In the world of computers, data recovery is something we all know and rely on to recover lost of missing data. The process of data recovery is very complicated, one that you should never attempt to do yourself. Hard drives especially, are very frag When you first take your hard drive to a specialist, they will perform an evaluation then get back to you and tell you the problem, as well as the cost. When most people get their price quote, they immediately think the price is too high. As this h When the hard drive crashes and data cannot be accessed, most people will think about using a disk repair utility. This isn?t a good idea, as the software will normally write to the disk, causing the data that is currently stored to be overwritten. Another common mistake people make, that should never be attempted, is to open up the hard drive and try to rebuilt it. Hard drives are full of very delicate components, many of which are very small, a

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