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Why People Use Diesel With diesel engines, the compression ratio is higher and there is more power. From a technical point, the compression ratio of an engine is the comparison of the total volume of the cylinder at the bottom of the piston’s stroke divided by the volume of the cylinder remaining at the top of the stroke. Gasoline ratios Serious damage to gas engines can occur if you attempt to run a high compression ratio with a low octane type of fuel. Detonation is the ignition of the fuel due to the high temperature caused by a high compression ratio that is developed by design. The fuel is ignited prior to the spark of the plugs that result in a rapid, yet uncontrolled burning. Diesel ratios Keep in mind, the diesel is a heat engine, using heat developed from the compression of air. High compression ratios are possible since the air is compressed. The hot compressed air is sufficient to ignite the diesel

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