The Ultimate Guide (Ebook) to Pigeon Fanciers

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Pigeons in top form will give you success, fame and honor.

  As pigeon fanciers, breeders, racers and pharmacists we created this guide for those who share our passion for pigeons.

It is crucial to keep your pigeons in top condition and health, and therefore we like to share our best practices with you.
This guide will give you detailed insights and useful tips on pigeon racing,
breeding and nurturing in relation to the health of your pigeon. With racing,
breeding, moulting and nutrition systems we hope to give you a hand in
accomplishing top results and performances this season. Get inspired by
Gerard’s stories about his career and learn how to recognize and examine a top
pigeon yourself! Ultimately we will show you some of our achievements and
current top breeders. Enjoy reading!

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