Small Shops and Centers make great Stops along the

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Small Shops and Centers make great Stops along the Way Now we’ve come to my favorite pastime: shopping. I really couldn’t resist the opportunity to talk about the awesome stores, malls, and shopping centers that abound in Seattle Washington. The shopping alone is enough to garner a visit in my opinion, e Whether your shopping interests lie in art, clothing, shoes, chocolates, or wines there is plenty here to keep you busy for quite some time. Just keep in mind that you will either need room in your luggage or to ship your new purchases home. There ar The first great shopping place in Seattle is Pike Place Market. This market has a history as rich as the city itself. It has seen immigration, internment, and many other processes over the course of the last century. Be sure to find out more of its h If you are shopping for artworks or antiques, then Pioneer Square is definitely the place to be. On the first Thursday of each month, Pioneer Square sponsors a gallery walk that begins at 6:0

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