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Online Data Backups Backing up and protecting data should be something that every business or individual strives to do. Data is very important, especially for businesses or individuals who make a living using their computers. If you have never looked into backing up y Among the many ways to back up your files are online data backups. Online backups are great for businesses, as they will protect your data. You can think of this method as being a server and a host, as the company stores your information over the I Although online data backups are great, they do have some concerns with security. Although the server is indeed encrypted, it isn?t completely safe. Hackers can get into the system if they are good enough, although it is very rare. Online back up The best thing about online data backups is the fact that the information isn?t stored at your office. It doesn?t require the amount of space that CD or DVD media back up uses, nor do you have to protect it from employees who

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