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Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles Most efficient overall – Honda Insight hybrid With 60 mpg city and 66 mpg highway, the Honda hybrid has top honors as most fuel efficient in the United States. With a 1.0 gas engine mated to an electric motor, the insight was designed to make the most of the power by using low resistance tires. The bad things about the Insight include a cramped interior, seating for two, and a very odd styling. Fuel efficient mid size car – Toyota Prius hybrid (60 mpg city and 51 mpg highway) The Prius, unlike the Honda Insight, is capable of carrying 5 people plus their gear. The Prius will generate a total of 110 HP from its gasoline engine and electric motor. The sleek shape to the Prius has a low co-efficient drag although Toyota has managed to do this with a larger, yet more driver friendly vehicle than the Insight of Toyota. Most efficient compact car – Honda Civic hybrid

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