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Is Atkins right for you The Atkins diet is very popular, but is it right for you? Before you start down the low carb road, you should take some time to decide whether low carb is the right way for you to lose weight. Just because it has been effective for others doesn?t mea First, evaluate your past dieting history. If you?ve been trying to lose weight for a long period of time, you?ve no doubt tried a wide variety of diets. Take note of the different diets you?ve tried over the years. Write down the basics of each diet If you?ve had experience with low carb diets, write that down as well. Past the negative effects of the first week, how did eating low carb make you feel? Why did you stop using the low carb diet? The answers to these questions will help you decide whether Atkins is right for you or not. If you?ve had good experiences with low-fat diets and bad experiences with other low carb diets, then Atkins is probably not for you. If other low-carb diets

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