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How to Dine With Disneyland Characters If you really want to delight your child ? or yourself ? you should arrange to have a Disneyland Character meal. This will allow you and your whole family to have quality time with one or more of the Disneyland characters. In fact, this is the best way to really get to interact with them for any length of time. Start by making a reservation. This can be done through the Disneyland Vacation Planning Services Department. Reservations can be made up to sixty days in advance, so don?t leave this to the last minute. Make these reservations while your Disneyland vacation is being planned. Character breakfasts take place each morning at the park. You do not need a reservation for these meals. These breakfasts take place in many of the parks restaurants, but Goofy?s Kitchen is a great place to start. It is located in the Disneyland Hotel, and there are dishes to please everyone. Children under three

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