How Internet or technology did change the standard

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Primary keyword: Internet, technology, study, Secondary keyword: www, people, education, Arpanet, system, mail, salary Page title: How Internet or technology did change the standards of studying? Sub title: standards of studying Internet or technology A long time ago when internet wasn?t born yet the only technology that humans were able to use is abacus, old fashioned cameras and etc. As we?ve all know INTERNET the most modern way to communicate with the people around the world. INTERNET began to operate in the 1960?s. In this way a single signal can be sent to multiple users. The old fashion way in sending mails had been thrown o E-mail was developed through ARPANET as did the bulletin-board system. It has now different qualities; here are some of them;,,, and more. People knew that it was a modern way in sending their mails to their families, friends, loved ones, and other relatives.

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