The Ultimate Beginner’s Handbook to Pigeon Racing

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Welcome to the Beginners Handbook to Racing Pigeons!

This age-old sport has attracted thousands of fans and fanciers – it combines the satisfaction of caring and
breeding champion animals, with the thrill of winning races!
There is a lot of information and in-depth tips and tricks you need to become a champion in this sport.
However, if you are just starting out, it may get a little confusing and advanced, so this handbook is
designed to help you build a good foundation knowledge of pigeon racing and introduce you to this
exciting and strategic sport.
The beginners handbook will show you a few of the basics, as well as taking you through one entire year in
the lives of your birds, this way you will have a better understanding and vision of what the sport is all
After this introduction handbook – the next step is to have a go at building your loft and raising and
training your birds.
When you do this – you’ll need the next level of information to make sure you are putting everything in
place the right way to breed and grow champions!

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