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Primary keyword: Law, School, education, student Secondary keyword: Admission, apply, LSDA, GPA, LSAT, acknowledgement, paper, study, exams Page title: Getting Into Law School Sub title: How to apply to law school Body Content: Once the season for college applications start, you would hardly have the time for yourself amidst all the forms that you need to fill out. Getting into law school is no easy feat. If you decide that you really want to take up law in college, prepare LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. This should be your main priority since you cannot get into law school if you fail this test. Register ahead of the deadline. More students apply for law school each year, which would mean more competition. Maintain your Grade Point Average or GPA to have better chances of getting into law school. Visit the official web sites of your prospective law schools. Make a list of their deadline for application, the requirements and all other pertinent details

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