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Disneyland Vacations for Toddlers Disneyland was designed for kids of all ages ? and toddlers are no exception! There are many things that you can enjoy with your toddler ? so many things in fact, that unless you will be staying for several days, you won?t have time to do them all. Start with Toon Town. Here is where you will find your toddler?s favorite Disney Characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse. All of the Characters have homes in Toon Town, full of things that will amaze your toddler, and make them laugh. Your toddler will definitely enjoy the Disneyland Railroad. This is a great way to get around the park, because there are stations in New Orleans Square, Toon Town, Tomorrowland, and on Main Street. This will amuse your toddler, and give you a chance to see some sights and rest a bit. Its A Small World is very appropriate for toddlers. Music and colors will keep your child mesmerized

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