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Diesel Vehicles As you probably already know, diesel engines get better fuel economy than gas, simply because they don’t need to burn as much fuel as gasoline engines to get the same amount of power. Diesel engines are built heavier than gas engines, to help sustain the added stress of the much higher compression ratios. Diesel engines don’t have an ignition system either, so you’ll never have to tune them up. The exhaust systems will last longer as well, as the exhaust on a diesel isn’t as corrosive as an exhaust on a gasoline engine. With diesel engines, it isn’t unusual to see them with 400,000 or even 500,000 miles. There are some out there that have even went beyond 600,000 miles! When it comes to maintenance, 3,000 mile oil changes are a must. Diesel fuel isn’t as refined as gas, so the oil will get dirtier faster. You should also replace the air and fuel filters at least once a year.

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