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Comparing Trenchers To Compact Excavators Both of these machines are affordable, popular, highly productive, and they both have helped lay a lot of cable and pipe in the ground. While they both can do the work, there are differences as to how they perform when stacked up against each other in residential utility installations. Size and price The average dig depth for utility installations in residential applications is between 40 and 48 inches. The basic trencher that digs to the above depth will boast a 20 – 30 horsepower engine and cost around 40,000 dollars. The most popular type of compact excavator is the 2.5 metric ton size class, and it uses a 30 HP engine and costs around the same price. The biggest difference in the two surfaces when you need the trencher to dig deeper. The 2.5 metric ton excavator has no trouble at all digging to 8 feet or more, although a trencher that can dig

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