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Caterpillar D-11 The D-11 from Caterpillar is among the series of tracked type tractors are among the largest conventional bulldozers in the world, second to the Komatsu D575. It comes in two variations, the standard D-11R and the bigger and heavier D-11R CD. The D-11 bulldozer is among the upper end of Caterpillars track type tractors, which range in power and size from the D-3 (77 HP) to the D-11R (935 HP). The primary use for the D-11 is for moving large quantities of rock, dirt, etc. short distances in confined spaces. The D-11 is often times used in quarries. The price, size, power and weight of the D11 dictate that they are used primarily for major products. You can normally find the D11 used in forestry, mining, excavation, and quarry operations. The D-11 is high known and favored for its amazing power and ability to rip into the earth, making them ideal for agricultural and rock ripping type

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