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Case CX700 And CX330 The company of Case has done it again, by introducing yet another spectacular excavator, the CX700, which weighs in at 70 metric tons and represents a new size for Case, fitting perfectly between the CX460 and CX800 models. Case has also taken advantage of Tier 3 technologies and upgraded the CX330, increasing the power and improving fuel economy, all while adding features that will enhance comfort for the operator and simplify maintenance. Power The CX700 is a powered by a high performance, fuel efficient Isuzu engine that is completely Tier 3 certified. With an operating weight of 153,400 lbs. and over 400 HP, the CX700 is capable of digging to 31 feet 11 inches with reaches up to 46 feet 11 inches. The frame for the CX700 is based on the larger CX800 to ensure optimum durability and reliability, especially given the powerful performance specs the machine calls for.

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