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Case CX330 As you may know, the CX330 is the upgrade to the 9050B model from Case. The CX330 is quite an upgrade, being much bigger than the 9050B. In standard form, the CX330 is almost 5,000 pounds heavier than the 9050B. This added weight comes from a larger counterweight and from a redesigned carbody that will now completely enclose the swing system. These added pounds will also contribute to the boost in the CX330s over-front capacity, and in combination with higher hydraulic pressures the travel circuit, give the excavator a very impressive 16% boost in draw bar pull, which means more power for negotiating poor underfoot conditions and very steep grades. In addition to the new features, the CX330s digging linkage has been enhanced in many ways. The boom and arm, deeper in cross section to accommodate higher digging forces, now incorporate V-groove type welds that are placed by robots and 100 percent

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