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HOW TO FIND THE BEST DIGITAL CAMERA It seems that every month, if not every week, different manufacturers are coming up with the latest digital cameras to entice potential clients. And it’s just not working for us! After spending sizeable amount of time at the mall figuring out which is the best digital camera for us, we finally have enough money to buy for that eye-popping, 7 mega pixel, 10x digital zoom, potable, candy colored, up to 512MB expandable memory o And so it confuses us. What makes a digital camera, the best digital camera? Well, there are certain factors to consider when looking for the best digital camera” for us. MEGAPIXELS. One of the most important features of digital camera to make it into the best digital camera category is its mega pixel property. The higher the mega pixels the better the actual photograph will come out. A mega pixel is equivalent to one LCD SIZE. The best digital camera will always have a large LCD to help you frame your subject without having t

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