05 – Your Attitude Counts

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Your Attitude Counts When it comes to seducing a woman, attitude plays a very big role in how successful, or unsuccessful you are. If you have a positive attitude you?re more likely to attract women more easily than a guy with a negative attitude. Being positive and upbe First, a positive attitude reflects confidence and self-respect. As we already discussed, confidence and self-respect are vital. A positive attitude also directly affects how other people feel when they?re around you. For example, have you ever had a But it goes much further than that. When you?re trying to make your best impression on a woman, being negative will not work. You have to feel good before you can make anyone else feel good. You have to radiate the same kinds of feelings you want to The bottom line: women like to find a man who?s stable. Part of what women judge stability on is your work. No, this doesn?t mean you need to be a rocket scientist. It simply means that if you?re changing jobs every couple of

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