02 – Building Your Confidence in Dating Women

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Building Your Confidence in Dating Women When it comes to dating (or even seducing) a woman, confidence is vital. Women often equate ?self confidence? with the ability to be successful. While many men believe that women look for successful men because they?re likely to make more money, that While it?s a given, women actually look for successful men because they?re more likely to be satisfied. So you may be wondering what a man being satisfied has to do with anything. Let me explain. You see, women know that men who are satisfied with th And in a relationship that means a man will be less likely to cheat, or change jobs frequently or get himself into any number of other compromising situations. Remember that most women are looking for a man who will be their partner as well as their Not only do they want a partner when it comes to things like companionship, decision-making and finances, but in the bedroom, as well. In order to effectively seduce a woman you must make her feel as though

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